Getting your messaging right — digital signage in manufacturing

by Dan Shaw

Tuesday 09 February 2021

The importance of corporate messaging in manufacturing

Digital signage for manufacturing is a key area of expertise at Beyond Digital Solutions. We understand how crucial it is to get messaging right in manufacturing environments where time is sensitive, safety is paramount and communication is more challenging. Employees involved with production often don’t have access to technology and can easily feel disengaged and poorly informed. 

For this reason, digital signage in a manufacturing setting is critical for informing and engaging employees, ensuring that safety information, production alerts and metrics are accessible and shared effectively and never missed. Important information is often lost on traditional cork notice boards or using paper and posters, and our solutions can resolve this. 

We offer digital signage platforms with engaging content that will improve communication in these workplaces, that will integrate with your systems and update in real time. Find out how we can transform your comms…


Digital screen displaying Lotus video


Challenges of communication in manufacturing

We have worked with clients in many different areas of manufacturing and understand the challenges that need to be resolved with digital signage. We craft solutions that address some of the biggest roadblocks to communication in these settings, where often personal safety messaging is priority. 

According to 2020 data published by HSE, the Manufacturing sector has a rate of fatal injury that is over 1.5 times the average rate across all industries. This includes settings such as airports, warehouses, transport hubs, mines, plants, factories and workshop facilities. Workers in these roles rely heavily on up-to-date health and safety messaging, that addresses correct protocol and potential threats they must be aware of to fulfil their duties safely. 

We support businesses with complying with correct heath and safely messaging, that meets the requirements of Companies Act legislation, while keeping their employees safe and informed. 

We create digital signage content that addresses the below challenges;


Manufacturing employee working


Risks of poor communications in manufacturing – Companies Act Legislation

Company accountability for health and safety has enhanced within the last 20 years within section 172 of the Companies Act Legislation of 2006 and the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act introduced in 2007. These laws insist that health and safety practice should be at the top of any company agenda, and that companies must bear responsibility for the welfare of their employees. 

As a higher percentage of workers in manufacturing sustain injuries, or risk of fatality in the manufacturing sector, it is essential for us to help you get messaging in place, in a way that is visible and engaging. 

It is reported that 66,000 workers a year sustain injuries at work and as employees are operating in high-risk environments. This includes using heavy machinery, hazardous chemicals or materials and unpredictable conditions, which make it more challenging to communicate effectively due to the set-ups, equipment and procedures needed.   

The total economic cost of workplace injuries was estimated at £1.2 billion for the manufacturing sector, so by finding innovative and effective ways to communicate with teams, digital signage in the workplace can help businesses save both lives and money in the long-run. When integrated with safety briefings or ‘toolbox talks’, we can help bring your comms up to speed. 


Benefits of Digital Signage in manufacturing

Keeping people safe and informed: Your employees will have access to the most up-to-date information, at all times, at a glance which helps to keep their health and wellbeing top priority

Streamlining your expenditure: We save you the economic cost of workplace injuries as well as the long-term expenses of printed materials and time lost to substandard comms 

Supporting legal & social responsibility: We provide the tools you need to ensure you are meeting your essential requirements as an employer, with a clear audit trail 

Reducing environmental impact: By replacing paper used for printed posters, documents and flyers, this contributes to a smaller environmental impact from your business

Integrating with existing comms: We help design systems that seamlessly work alongside your existing communication strategies, while also taking care installation logistics

Manageable information distribution: We guarantee that your messaging will be seen at the right times, and right places. It can easily be updated using our content management platform, enabling you to publish instant and emergency messaging.

Versatile across multiple departments: Use the software platform in your induction and training processes to present information, store an easily accessible library of Safe Operating Procedures, One Point Lessons, Risk Assessments and training videos.


How to get your messaging right 

Make it accessible: We ensure signage is visible in break-rooms, canteens, reception and rest areas, as well as production and work areas where possible for effective dissemination of info

Make it engaging: We craft content that will grab attention and stand out so that nothing important is missed, and is shared in a creative, effective way. 

Make it tailored: Some of our clients combine corporate information with trivia, sports scores and social media feeds to make it engaging. Within canteen and rest areas, you can also include a live TV feed.

Ensure clarity and precision: We leave no room for misinterpretation. We work with you to create accurate, useful and informative messaging that is direct and easy to understand. 

Keep it up to date: We design adaptable content that can be programmed to react in real-time, for the most up to date metrics. Whether its weather changes, wind speed, traffic conditions or supply issues, your team will be well informed.

Exercise Legal and Social Responsibility: Businesses value the wellbeing of their staff, as well as their skills. Our signage helps you operate within the law to ensure you are demonstrating proper responsibility and practice for the people you work with. 



Digital screen displaying manufacturing dashboard


How we work with manufacturing businesses  

Having worked with clients across multiple manufacturing sectors, we can easily adapt to your needs. 

We have worked with Jaguar Land Rover in partnership with the Lean Learning academy to improve their health and safety information systems, supporting better communication between employer and employees.

The team found that paper based information about accidents in the plant took up to six weeks to collate and report, meaning that opportunities for distribution, learnings and improvement were delayed. Uptake on printed materials from the workforce was also low meaning that key messages were lost, and teams felt under-informed. 

We installed digital screens in a variety of locations around the plants such as canteens, rest areas, reception and production floors so that messaging could be seen at multiple touchpoints within the plant. We then tailored a versatile range of templates that could be populated with up to date health and safety information, as well as live feeds including news, weather and traffic reports. These would change automatically at times where shifts were ending, and would display performance information. 

Through crafting content that was engaging and noticeable and cut through the noise, we were able to help Jaguar Land Rover deliver timely, eye-catching and helpful updates to their workforce. It also provided better opportunities to react to incidents by providing knowledge around training courses and valuable resources in the event of an accident. 

If you are a business in the manufacturing sector and interested in using digital signage to improve your communications, get in touch with our team today. 

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