Barker And Stonehouse

Bespoke Instore Digital Totems

Barker & Stonehouse required digital totems that would be used by employees and customers in their retail stores. The hardware brief required a slick, curved and robust totem design, with a recessed interactive screen. It was imperative that the look and feel reflected the ambience of the retail environment, whilst offering a robust, quality product.

The content requirement included an animated attract loop to promote sales messages and information to customers. Other key features focus on Barker and Stonehouse digital content, brand heritage, wayfinding and product information.

To meet this challenging brief, we custom designed a bespoke totem to reflect the Barker and Stonehouse brand. Hardware included a quality 42” interactive screen and a PC ‘player’ discreetly and securely designed within the totem. The unit was weighted internally to allow for interactivity, particularly as the totem curves away from the user. Ventilation holes were included within the design to facilitate airflow for the PC and screen.

Digital totems
Digital Retail

The digital totems were finished in Barker and Stonehouse brand colours with the logo placed centrally. They were manufactured and installed in tandem of the launch of the Teesside Retail Park store.

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