Driving digital transformation

Digitalising the customer experience

With a need to improve brand recognition and drive digital transformation, we were invited to help launch the showroom of the future. The challenge was clear: Lotus needed a way to make showrooms more accessible and engaging to customers through a digitally-focused approach. They wanted customers to have digital experiences which improved their brand recognition on a worldwide scale – but also had to have a system that could be adapted to meet the various types of showrooms they offered, based on location and audience type.

The right content in the right moment

With global ambition, it’s often better to start small. We created a test centre in the Lotus HQ showroom in Hethel to trial our digital solution and prove its efficacy. We worked alongside architects, designers and digital specialists to create a customer-led digital experience that told Lotus’ brand story from its origin to the debut of their new Emira vehicle in July 2021. This experience was delivered across multiple digital platforms designed to give customers the right content at the right moment of their purchase journey. We created digital displays that give at-a-glance performance information about the cars and can be interacted with to create custom product configurations for bespoke orders.

Launching the showroom of the future

The success of our test centre then gave us the chance to launch our solution in a brand new showroom in the Moda Mall shopping complex in Bahrain. The opening was centered at an exciting time, the launch of the Emira. The solution we created for is fully flexible for any future releases and is now set to be rolled out globally in various of retail environments.

"Our new identity has been designed to adapt to the different markets that Lotus sells in around the world today – and will sell in tomorrow – and to reflect the cultural nuances and different consumer preferences in those markets. The inherent flexibility of what we have created will be perfect for all environments"

Geoff Dowding

Executive Director, Sales & Aftersales — Lotus

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