Simplifying employee communications

Engaging employees across the globe

Lotus recently launched its own internal communications platform called US LOT, which aimed to keep employees informed and engaged. The brand also needed a way to share strategy and performance-focused updates with colleagues through their ‘Driving Tomorrow’ scheme. As part of the ambitious launch of the Emira, they also created US LOT TV to reach its workforce in showrooms and factories across the globe.

Launching to a global audience

As part of our full-service approach, we worked closely with the global marketing, PR and technology team to install an extensive network of large screens and designed specific displays to promote the launch of the Emira model, creating excitement and unity amongst employees. Following this, we created templates that allowed the US team to quickly update information across any displays within the system. To avoid staff becoming fatigued by repeat messaging, regular content updates were specified to be managed and pushed live internally.


Employees reached


Screens managed


Global locations

Helping to deliver performance-focused updates to colleagues

The digital screens are designed to keep employees informed and engaged with company information and helps them feel like part of the team. It gives the Lotus communication team a simple way to plan, create and distribute content, including the broadcasting of their town hall events. It also allows for both global and local management so that specific locations can be given relevant information for their markets. Colleagues can also upload videos, images and work through pre-set templates and we are now working with Lotus to create new integrated live-data feeds for display throughout design and manufacturing.

"USLOT is all about communication. It allows us to share our ideas, our best practices, but its also about the community and the conversation it brings".

Matt Windle

Managing Director

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