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NA College is a local college that works in collaboration with advanced manufacturing employers to offer training for apprenticeships and vocational training courses. Having worked with the likes of Nissan, NA College specialise in providing education that’s practical and hands-on. NA College wanted to deliver effective blended learning so that students had the flexibility to work either from home or at the site. They were keen to take a more digital approach to teaching, and engage their students through the use of learning technology.

Innovative learning with Clevertouch

It was important to NA College that the digital screen solution would provide basic functionality but also advanced capabilities to aid learning. With a high proportion of young, tech savvy learners who were already familiar with digital learning tools, it made sense to introduce Clevertouch screens that would support their learning in a refreshing, interactive way while also showcasing NA College’s innovative approach to learning.

Our classroom solution 

Clevertouch screens are a proven and robust solution in the education sector. They provide varied functionality such as whiteboard use, video calling, interactive and lifestreaming sessions as well as the ability to connect with other devices. This not only makes it easy for teaching staff to demonstrate concepts, annotate and display important teaching materials; it is also highly engaging for students who will likely use screens and digital apps daily outside of the classroom. 

The screens have literally hundreds of functions and uses that would benefit a classroom setting, whether learning on site or remotely. These screens are usually wall mounted or mounted on trolleys for flexibility in large environments. This would ensure that lecturers could effectively communicate with groups of students of any size, whether or not they were on-site or learning remotely. 

Beyond Digital purchased the hardware, installed the screens and all the software, along with all the required apps that were required for NA College. We also provided a series of training workshops over a few weeks once we had installed the screens, so that any questions could be answered and that all the staff were confident enough to be able to deliver classroom learning.

How the screens work

Once installed, the screens can be custom enhanced with apps that allow different types of learning. A few of the key features that benefitted NA College included:

  • Interactive whiteboard – Like a traditional whiteboard but with reactive digital functionality, this allows users to write, erase, draw and annotate on screen but with added advanced features such as spell checking, and automated sum and equation calculation.
  • Video screen – Most prominently, Clevertouch screens function as a classic video screen where you can view images and watch video content, as well as watching webinars and livestreams.
  • Presentation functionality – Staff can easily present slide shows as well as use the screen as a canvas for planning sessions, team meetings and ideation. They could also click through from URL’s to open video files and visit websites via an in-built browser.
  • Communication apps – With learning becoming more remote and digital, the screens were ideal for installing video conferencing functionality so learners could ‘dial-in’ to lessons, and/or stream and watch sessions from off-site. 
  • Interactive functionality – The screens were also useful for connecting laptops and phones to encourage interactivity and collaboration. 
  • Device connectivity  – A particularly useful custom app was installed to allow lecturers to use their phone camera for demonstrations, which would then display on the Clevertouch as a large image. For example, engineering students who need to see ‘close ups’ of equipment, were able to have a clearer view without having to be present nor struggling to see.

"We were supported brilliantly by both Beyond and Sahara around this project. We were offered two brilliant training sessions which gave us the confidence to be able to use the Clevertouch. I can't speak highly enough of both Beyond and their services — the whole team are fantastic”.

Lisa Emmerson

Digital Learning & Innovation Manager

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If you’d like to know more about our work with NA College, or you just have a question then we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here or alternatively drop us a line at 0191 484 1056 for a chat.

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