Create a seamless check-in experience

Designed for the modern workspace, the Visitor Management Solution (VMS) is the smart and easy way to sign in for all your visitors.

A great first impression

The secure alternative to visitor sign-in books, record the movement of people on site with an impressive visitor management solution.

Our Visitor Management Solution (VMS) is designed to replace visitor & contractor sign in books with a state-of-the art solution that looks impressive, and is ideal for use in unmanned areas. As well as being straight forward to use, it also allows you to demonstrate essential information such as health and safety messages, assembly points and warnings, inductions, and gives you up-to-date reports of who is in your building.

How it works

Your visitor checks in

When your visitor arrives, they can sign themselves in by filling in all the required information, take a picture, and then eSign the screen when asked.

You receive a notification

Real-time notifications will alert you that your visitor is there - after they’ve checked in, this can be sent to you through text or email.

Check in complete

Once the the check-in process is complete, all the information they inputted will be stored in a cloud-based visitor logbook.

Ensure your visitor and staff safety

The system makes it simple for you to record the movement of people on site while also giving you the ability to manage your contractors with your own customisable questionnaire that could include your risk assessments, fire regulations, method statements, insurance and permits, ensuring the safety of visitors and other personnel.

Features & benefits

Streamline the sign in process

The VMS makes signing visitors, contractors, and other personnel in and out, quick and easy. Quickly capture visitor information, provide site specific information and keep an accurate visitor record whilst complying with GDPR regulations

ID Badge Printing

If you require visitors to wear a badge, the VMS is equipped with a built in camera and printer, that allows for visitor information to be instantly printed on to a badge. You can also scan their badge on screen for easy checkout and accurate reporting.

Customisable to include your branding

A wall-mounted, desktop or free-standing totem with adjustable screen, ensuring disability compliance by allowing users to tilt the screen to any height.

Access your visitor data anytime

In the event of a fire, you can access a list of all visitors and part-time staff - or simply look for them on the system, to ensure everyone is accounted for.

“The new visitor management solution has transformed the process of managing visitors to our busy building. Not only does it create a modern and professional feel, but it ticks the boxes on all our health and safety requirements. I can’t recommend the VMS highly enough, it’s a must have for any modern building reception”.

Paul Bate

Director, St Anns Quay

More additional features

Fast sign-in

All devices use facial recognition technology, allowing for express sign-in for returning visitors.

Your visitor has arrived

Receive notifications by text or email when your visitor arrives.

Tailored sign-in

Create bespoke sign-in questions for your contractors.

Control & manage your data

You’ll be able to quickly capture visitor information, provide site specific information and keep an accurate visitor record whilst complying with GDPR regulations.


Fixed Wall Mount

The fixed wall mount is a sleek, simple visitor management system. You can integrate this anywhere and check-in all visitors efficiently.

Articulated Wall Mount

The Articulated Wall Mount is an ideal simple solution, which can be wall mounted anywhere. It is also accessible, adjustable to any height.

Desk mounted

The Desk mount is a more compact solution, whilst still equipped with a built-in camera and printer, and adjustable to any height.

Free-standing Totem

The Free-standing Totem is ideal for you if your company requires visitors to wear badges. Equipped with a built-in camera and printer, and adjustable to any height.

Available screen sizes

iPad Mini

Sized at 8.3"


Sized at 10.2"

iPad Air

Sized at 10.9"

iPad Pro

Sized at 11" & 12.9"

Need more information?

If you’d like to know more about our Visitor Management Solution, or you just have a question then we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here or alternatively drop us a line at 0191 484 1056 for a chat.

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