Communicating between hybrid and displaced workforces

by Charlotte Harding

Monday 17 October 2022

A displaced workforce is now more common than ever. Where it once referred mainly to traditional industries like manufacturing, it’s now applicable to most forms of business due to hybrid working models.



Young woman having a video call working on laptop from a home office


Can your workplace relate?

Keep reading to see why digital signage is so effective for solving these problems!


Woman in a virtual meeting on her laptop, working from home


Why digital signage is so effective

The displaced employees of the team tend to be those who are least able to access critical information. Their more remote physical location tends to isolate then from the company’s main communications and social opportunities, which is then compounded by the fact many displaced workers lack access to the same technology as in-office employees.

Digital signage helps bridge the gap for displaced workers, providing constant access to information that other employees may take for granted. With signage in the right positions, you’ll be able to ensure ALL employees see the information they need, not just those who work from laptops.



Want more on how you can reach displaced staff?

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