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The nations favourite for food-on-the-go

Greggs is the UK’s leading bakery with over 2,000 outlets throughout the UK serving food on-the-go. Greggs first approached Beyond Digital because they wanted to improve customer experiences in store, and design a solution that was both greener and more cost-effective than printed menus.

Using digital screens, we’ve created flexible and dynamic menu content to deliver relevant messaging to customers across a range of outlets including high streets, industrial estates and motorway services, that has helped to deliver record breaking sales for Greggs.

Digitizing food-on-the go

We took a complex pricing and product matrix across all their stores, and crafted dynamic menu content that would be displayed in store, while customers entered, browsed and queued.

We installed three 42” passive screens, pole-mounted to the ceiling behind the counters in their shops to complement window displays. In locations where another solution was needed due to the size of the premises, we installed 32” passive screens into the bulkheads. The content on these screens could be updated daily or seasonally to reflect the demands of customers, influencing their in-store experiences.

We also designed an interactive solution that showcased and promoted products directly to customers with unique special offers that could adapt and change with the click of a button. The screens could also promote the Greggs Foundation, the charitable trust, ensuring that customers could both get what they needed, and learn more about the brand.



Sausage rolls sold every week


Stores Managed



Combining all the ingredients

  • Day-parting content — Offers and products are scheduled to automatically display at different times of the day, along with data triggers like weather and pricing across multiple locations. This is a highly effective way to increase sales as the offers become more relevant and targeted towards customers. 
  • Full screen content — Research shows that full screen content helps to boost conversion rates. Full screen content and promotions in addition to pure sales messaging is a simple tactic that we’re able to deploy at any given moment, in any location.
  • Animated content across multiple screens —90% of information retained by the brain is visual so by adding animation and moving image to the screens it immediately attracts the buyers attention. This has become a highly effective way of promoting specific seasonal offers for Greggs, in addition to their standard product range.


"In the 10 years we've partnered with Greggs, we've continued to support their innovative and forward thinking approach to digital, which is at the heart of their huge expansion nationwide. They're happy to test new technology and implement successful solutions — as a technology partner, it’s exciting to keep pushing the boundaries based on achieving measurable results"

Louise Richley

Managing Director, Beyond Digital

Hungry to know more?

If you’d like to know more about our long-standing partnership with Greggs, or you just have a question then we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here or alternatively drop us a line at 0191 484 1056 for a chat.

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