Digital transformation in the workplace

Getting up-to-date information to employees

The aviation industry is an ever-changing environment full of new challenges. As legislation changes and other matters began to impact safety, Swissport recognised that its outdated notice boards were no longer able to provide up-to-date information to its employees and with a significant logistical challenge at their feet, they needed a way to manage employee communications and present formal documentation to staff. 







Informative and engaging screens

We created interactive digital screen solutions that not only delivered Swissport’s own ‘Read and Sign’ formal documentation to employees, but also allowed the display of a company-wide library of documentation and critical ‘live’ data such as weather, wind speed and visibility. We also identified the need for captivating displays which not only highlighted the importance of the safety information, but also kept employees informed. 

Improving Health & Safety with a digital solution

Our displays were designed to be interactive and engaging, allowing employees to complete ‘read and sign’ activities and get at-a-glance key information such as weather. This interactivity also meant we could house useful health and safety information at the touch of a button, giving employees access to training videos, one point lessons, a focus area for ‘toolbox talks’ following incidents, safe systems of working and all necessary H&S policies and procedures. A digital airport map which showed the locations and seriousness of health and safety incidents enabled us to keep employees in-the-know and aware of the impact and importance of safety information. Animations added to the attract loop meant the displays were not ignored.

"With significant logistical challenges, we needed a better way to manage our employee communications".

Amanda Hope

Senior General Manager

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