Digital menu innovation

Improving the customer experience

Tortilla is a popular restaurant chain that serves up delicious burritos and tacos across the UK. They first opened in London in 2007 and have since opened over 60 restaurants, with big plans to expand over the coming months.

Due to their rapid expansion, Tortilla recognised a need for a more sustainable approach for the in-store menus. Traditional printed menus can’t be easily updated or customised which was a significant challenge for a business that offers lots of up-sell options and made-to-order choices.

Tortilla also wanted to showcase the care and attention their team put into the preparation of their food. They wanted to transform consumer perception of digital menu displays, taking them from the idea of fast food and convenience and instead showcase their freshly made food and quality ingredients that are part of the preparation process.

"Tortilla are an innovative brand and were keen to try new digital ideas to improve the customer experience. The digital menus also needed to fit the Tortilla brand as well as providing a quick, and easy to understand menu."

Dan Shaw

Creative Director — Beyond

Centralised menu management

We provided Tortilla with a digital signage solution that allowed for their marketing team to have central control of each restaurant, so they were able to schedule multiple daily menu changes or reach specific restaurants with targeted campaigns that included full screen take overs or for promotions that were only available at a specific restaurant.

The solution also provides a quick and easy to understand menu that helps customers to quickly understand the ordering process and keep the queue moving quickly during busy periods.

The team at Tortilla now have the flexibility to create new menu offerings or change pricing quickly, and easily through a centralised content manager. This also allows them to transform the in-store experience on a day-to-day or hour-to-hour basis with this feature utilised to allow the team to transition their daytime menus into an evening option, playing alongside scheduled content that features offers and promotions only available at that time of day.

The screens also help to display the right content within the customer purchasing decision – with one screen showcasing promotional items, highlighting the freshly prepared food options and up-sells while the adjacent screens display their standard menu with animation added to draw attention to key up-sells and add-ons.

Tortilla also wanted to attract new customers, so we also identified a need for high-bright window displays that showcased engaging dynamic content to capture the attention of members of the public and draw in new customers with tactical offers and promotions that enable them to measure the effectiveness of the content.

Delivering a complete solution

The Tortilla team now benefits from completely flexible content manager that has allowed them to serve up an exciting and engaging in-store experience for customers as well as having the ability to deliver tactical campaigns and content across the entire restaurant estate.

This has helped to bring about additional value to queuing customers, ensuring they’re well informed and the decision making process is simple and easy to understand, as well as showcasing the Tortilla brand.

Megan Burton-Brown, Head of marketing at Tortilla, was enthusiastic about how our team helped them tell the story of their brand.

“Working with the team at Beyond has been really great experience. They’re a lovely bunch, they’re always super responsive and they’ve got great ideas for the content we could use or different solutions on the platform we could try out”.

Megan Burton-Brown

Head of Marketing — Tortilla

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