Engaging employees in the physical office

by Charlotte Harding

Tuesday 01 November 2022

When communication is two-way, you have the ability to foster employee engagement because you’re truly listening to what employees have to say—then addressing it.



UX design and it’s effectiveness

Design has evolved to the point that it’s no longer just a visual medium. It’s a mindset, one that other fields can adapt to and benefit from. The future of content design is all about creating user experiences, also known as UX design. Rather than being focused on just the visuals, UX design is about the process and understanding the audience that are looking at the content.

Great UX design is about effectively solving a user’s needs. From designing a new button that makes it easier for a customer to find the information they need, to redesigning an entire application’s interface to maximise interaction. The field is all about assessing current performance and interpreting user needs and emotions in a context that asks:

How you can attract employees back to the office

Redefining your processes is so vital to business owners who want to attract employees back to their workplaces. In a time when employees are willing to quit if their needs aren’t being met, you need to consider employee processes, procedures, tools, and environment from a UX-focused perspective.



Taking a cross-section of various studies around the internet, the main things employees want from their workplaces include:



A strong workplace culture was found to deliver a 4x increase in revenue growth, and 88% of job seekers said a healthy culture at work was vital to success.


56% Of employees still want to WFH for a portion of their working week.

Social opportunity:

57% of workers want to go to the office at least once a week, with lack of social interaction being the main reason behind it.


Employees stated that meetings, networking, cross-team collaboration and even production were all more effective in offices due to access to enterprise-level technology.


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