How you can invite culture and influence employee retention in your office

by Charlotte Harding

Tuesday 25 October 2022

Your communication capabilities influence culture, foster belonging and inclusion, and improve the overall employee experience. This is key to employee retention.



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Making the office somewhere employees want to be

The traditional office is the premises most threatened by remote work. Where manufacturing facilities and other forms of work demand physical employee attendance, offices aren’t ‘necessary’. In this new world, they are either an obligation or a benefit.

To keep your employees happy and promote a hybrid workflow, you need to adopt this idea of your office being a benefit. Take a step back and look at what employees really need an office for – then try and use a experience-led mindset to design the right content for them.


Top office challenges: do these sound familiar?

Keep reading to see why digital signage is the perfect solution for all of these problems!


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How digital signage makes things simple:

While no single technology will transform your office from an obligation to a benefit, we’d argue that effective digital signage can be responsible for the biggest impact. When designed around user needs, great digital signage and content allow you to:


Create a strong work culture:

Displays allow you to broadcast information relevant to your workers and help them get up to speed with news and events that matter to them. If you run a cross-facility business, you can use displays to tie employees together in a community.

Broadcast relevant info, fast:

With a centralised management system, you can plan and broadcast content to the right teams quickly – ensuring they see the right information that they need at the right time.

Enhance work-life balance:

Some displays in your office could be used to display information relevant to employees’ personal lives, such as weather, commuting information, traffic alerts etc.

Engage your employees:

When experience is everything, making your workplace more engaging is critical. Digital signage can be used to display performance and showcase employee success. 69% of employees said they would work harder if they felt their efforts were being recognised – so use signage to recognise them!



Want to know more ways you can influence employee retention?

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