The role of digital signage integrators

by Dan Shaw

Tuesday 04 January 2022

Why integrators are crucial to the success of your workplace digital solution

The age of digital comms has arrived, and with the industry growing quickly, businesses not investing in digital signage campaigns may soon find themselves left behind. Now is the time to seriously think about using digital signage campaigns to create experiences that influence the way people interact with your business and to innovate your marketing.

Statistics show that 8/10 customers have entered a store because of a digital sign*, and with more businesses adopting this approach, there is a greater need for integrators to support brands branching into digital. Whether you’re competing for retail, communicating vital messaging to your employees, or carrying out health and safety briefings, digital signs are proven to be one of the most effective ways to communicate.

But digital signage is so much more than just mounting a screen on a wall; there is a lot of planning, creativity, software knowledge and technical expertise put into executing a successful campaign that provides a strong return on investment. This is where the role of the digital signage integrators become crucial. 

Beyond Digital Solutions fulfil this role by delivering full-service solutions and support to our clients at every stage. Find out more about the role of BDS as digital signage integrators below…


Digital signage intigrator working


Why are digital signage integrators essential?

User behaviour is changing, with people consuming more on-screen content that ever before, and attention spans continuing to get shorter (down from 12 seconds 8 years ago to just 6 seconds in 2019 — beating the goldfish, which clocks in at 9 seconds), the need to grab instant attention has never been more important.

The future is experience driven, and digital integrators are the ones making this happen. As the way people consume products, messages and information has changed, the way we reach those people has adapted. We often refer to this as ‘the Experiential Era’, and almost every industry is embracing this shift in their own unique way.

We understand that the audience has a much more active role in the customer journey – they need to feel that they are being talked to, rather than talked at. Experience must be placed at the centre of all communications, and digital integrators are the ones who build these experiences.

It is important to remember that audiences now behave in the following ways:


What is a digital signage integrator?

We’re the experts. In short, we make everything come together. We do this by designing solutions that are tailored to yours, and your customer needs.

The role of the digital signage integrator is to be the strategic partner who oversees and manages the multiple moving parts of your signage campaign. We bring your solutions together to make it work seamlessly.

Integrators have to know everything and also be able to put the right measures in place to do all of it. From the objectives you want to achieve and the audience you want to connect with, integrators shape how the content will look, sound and function. We combine creative design, content knowledge and technological expertise with strategy to achieve your goals, identifying where your campaign should be seen, as well as when, where and how it should be experienced.

We also work with you to determine how your content can be managed and measured in backend systems, as well as what technical and logistic elements that will need to be in place. With a 360 degree view of your project, a digital integration provider can place your messaging front and centre, getting it in front of the right people, at the right place and time.


What digital signage integrators do

At Beyond Digital Solutions, we cover many aspects and layers of digital signage campaigns, working closely with our clients to bring these elements together through our expertise. This includes:



What to look for in a digital integration partner

There are a number of key things that great strategic partners will do to help your campaign succeed. How do we adopt the qualities of world-leading integrators?


Why use a Digital Integrator?

We make the complex simple.

We have worked with clients across multiple industries and sectors to craft experiences that change the way people think and feel.

A piece published in 2020 revealed that the adoption of digital signage solution is on a steady rise, with 60% of enterprises planning to invest in the technology within the next two years. Another source shows that 68% of people agreed that digital advertising would influence their decision to buy advertised products.

We want to help brands achieve success using the right messaging and technology. We also want to make the complex process of building a campaign both simple and straightforward for our clients.


Digital signage display in dark room


Want to know more?

Digital signage has the ability to generate incredible results under the guidance of the right agency. However we understand that projects of this scale can take time to get going and require a lot of guidance. Which is why we invite all clients to our demo suite — so we can give them the full digital experience, talk them through the process and share some of our success stories.

We’re always happy to discuss new projects so if you have something in mind or just need a bit more information then get in touch here or call us on 0191 484 1056.

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